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Before starting the activities, you are advised to have a gmail [ʤi:meil] account like "" to be able to access Blogger (for publishing your works), Calendar (if you have a personal one), tests, pbWiKi, and sort your correspondents into categories.




  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta (RG), a Russian newspaper, gives a collection of tens of articles about Russian and the USA relations written by RG reporters. All the articles are in Russian. Please, find short summaries at
  • We conducted a survey to find out what ideas 100 freshmen and sophomores had towards the USA in 2007. The results can be viewed here. Another servey is to be carried out in the spring 2009.

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The Welcome Portraits of America

Online American Studies Activities

American Studies is a profound field of study that does not limit itself on the aspects we are to take during the semester. Despite that the most important areas of American Studies are on the list of your research.

Keeping in mind that "for a ship that doesn't have a compass any port is a destination" you are to follow certain instructions. They are designed to keep your efforts arranged but not restricted. That is why the title of the course is Online American Studies Activities (OASA).

About the Activities

Indians, the Pilgrims and their descendants, immigrants from hundreds of countries have been shaping the USA for nearly four centuries. Other people living in the lands with much longer history may say that this young age is the only excuse for the nation that challenges business, politics, sports, music, space ... not only within the country but (... more)

- American History Series: How a Desire for Religious Freedom or Land, or Both, Led to Colonies. Puritans from England settled Massachusetts. The Dutch settled the area now called New York State. And Quakers, unwelcomed in England, settled Pennsylvania. (Transcript of radio broadcast: 07 November 2007. VOA Special English)

Handling the Activities: instructions for students

When you first access the American Studies Activities you are advised to add its address (URL) to the list of favorite pages. If you use Internet Explorer on the Favorites menu of the browser click Add to Favorites to save the address. If you use Netscape, Mozilla, or Firefox click Bookmark this Page on the Bookmarks menu. Later when you decide to access the site again (... more)

Web Searching

Searching the Web may sometimes be disappointing. To help you feel more confident there are some simple tips provided here in Russian.

If you would like to gain more knowledge on the Web searching you should access "Google Inside Search" and follow the instructions.

Online Dictionaries

T he Internet is a powerful tool that provides all possible information imaginable including online dictionaries. The thing is all the articles you are going to deal with are authentic and that is why you may encounter some difficulty while reading them. Please, be advised to refer to (... more)

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